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The most common cause of this is installing the head unit with the battery still connected to the vehicle. Even if your vehicle is off, the circuit is still live... meaning you can easily short circuit and pop a fuse. This is easy to fix, and generally just means replacing a $2 fuse. Follow the below steps to determine if you've popped a fuse, or if the unit will not turn on. 


1.) Make sure the vehicle battery is fully disconnected. 

2.) Ensure all cables and plugs are tightly connected to the right spots. 

3.) Make sure you do not have the white long plug coming from the plug & play harness connected to the back of the unit. The only cables going into the back of the head unit with white plugs should be the RCA bundle, USB cables and Reverse Camera input cable.


NO WHITE PLUG FROM THE PLUG & PLAY HARNESS (the one that links the head unit wiring to your factory vehicle plugs) SHOULD BE CONNECTED TO THE BACK OF THE UNIT (unless it is a 4 or 6 pin plug for USB retention)


4.)  To determine if you have popped a fuse inside your vehicle, simply reconnect the FACTORY (old) radio back into the unit. Power on the vehicle. If the factory radio does not power on, or function as normal, you have very likely popped a fuse inside the vehicle. (IF IT DOES POWER ON, proceed to the next step.)  Locate the interior fuse box (not the one under the bonnet) . This can usually be found under the steering wheel, close to the door. Look for a plastic flap/door on the underside of the dash area. If you are unsure, simply Google search or look in your vehicle manual. 


Once you have located the interior fuse box, check your manual for your car for the fusebox diagram. Usually, the fuse that will pop is the "RADIO" or AUDIO fuse (or similar). If you cannot find this, take your time and check all 10,15,20,25amp fuses (they will have numbers on the top of each fuse. ) - carefully extract the fuse and examine for any discolouration or if the arc inside has been broken. If you do not know what a burnt or popped fuse looks like, simply do a Google search. 


Once the fuse that has popped is located ,you will need to replace it. Your local auto shop will stock most fuses. 


5.) if the fuses are fine, OR the factory radio turns on.. check the red fuse in the back of the head unit. 


6.) If all the fuses are fine, the factory unit turns on, and your cables / connections are fine, send us an email so we can do a more in depth check into what the issue could be. Usually it's a simple wiring step or connection issue.