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Steering Wheel Controls Not Working?

1. First, check if your head unit harness requires a CANBUS box and came with this. If you are supposed to have one, it will be included in the kit. This is a tiny box with a white socket, which connects to the harness via the white plug. If you unsure, send our team an email. 



- Go to our website homepage and look for the CANBUS SETUP menu, then look for your model / year and follow those steps. If you cannot find this for your model, please email us a photo of your canbus box plugged in and we will forward the steps. 

- Ensure the tiny white 8 pin plug coming off our harness, is connected to the back of the unit via the matching white 8 pin socket. 



- Find the SW LEARNING app on your head unit's app pages, and follow the prompts on screen. 

- If you cannot find this app, go to CarSettings - scroll down the left side to find "STEERING LEARN" and follow the prompts. 

- If you have completed this step, but it still does not work; send a photo of all your connections to our team via email.


If you are still experiencing issue, please email our support team.