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Mazda3 Canbus Settings


1. Go to carsettings -> factory settings -> enter code 16176699

2. Scroll to CAN TYPE SET, and click CAN TYPE SET

3. Choose RAISE from the first column, then select MAZDA -> Mazda3 -> Year model closest to yours. 

4. Ensure you choose something from each column right up to the end. Once you choose something from the last (VERSION) column, screen should change or reboot

If this does not work - check for a tiny white 8 pin plug coming off our harness. Ensure this is plugged into the back of the unit correctly via the matching white socket


1. Go to carsettings - factory settings - enter code 1234 or 8888 or 0000

2. Click protocol settings

3. If a dropdown menu in the corner is available, click that and go to step 4. If not, just choose the options in step 4 from the side menu. 

4. Click either RAISE or RZC - then select Mazda - Mazda3 - year model closest to yours. Ensure you choose something from each available menu. Then click CONFIRM at the bottom. 

5. If you get an error message once you click CONFIRM, you will need to connect the head unit to your phone hotspot . Ensure the date and time on the head unit exactly matches your phone. Then, do a google search on the unit to ensure it's actually connected. Once connection is confirmed, go back and repeat steps 1-4 and it should now work.