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Dynamic Parking Lines Moving in Wrong Direction?

If your vehicle has dynamic parking lines (parking lines that move when you turn your steering wheel) , and they are retained with the new head unit kit we supplied - sometimes you may notice that the lines go the opposite direction to your steering wheel when you turn it. 


First, ensure you have setup the CANBUS box (if appropriate) specific to your vehicle, using the CANBUS settings tab on our website. If you have any issues doing so, please reach out. 


To change line direction:

1. Go to the MYCAR app on the head unit's apps pages

2. Click the SETTING column

3. Look for the "Trajectory Reversal" setting - and switch it to opposite of what it is currently set on, then click CONFIRM. 

4. If that does not work, you can turn off/on the "B Trajectory Line" setting (opposite of what it's currently on) then click CONFIRM